New colors!

Our custom made fashion house offers you opportunity to order always new and trendy colors that we offer.
This era, full of new opportunities is the same in fur. Now, it's not necessary to wear a fur in a natural color. Come and inspire yourself with our newest colors,or bring us the color you like, and we can dye the fur for you and then we can make you  fur coat  right for you!



This year we prepared for you brightly new article which are real python vests combined with foxes. If you like the material but you would like another design of the garments, don't hesitate to come or contact us, and we can make you garment that you want. 
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We love colors!

If you love colors, welcome! Come to see our wide variety of colors. We can make you custom made fur coat, vest, collar or whathever you like. 
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OA Label

Developed voluntarily, the Origin Assured™ (OA) label gives consumers confidence about the provenance of the fur they are buying. It is an assurance that the fur comes from a country where national or local regulations or standards governing fur production are in force. It is also a reflection of the fur trade’s commitment to openness and honesty with their customers.

We use OA labelled fur only. The OA label means that fur's origin is 100% assured and reflects the fur trade´s commitment to transparency and good welfare practices.

The OA label has been developed by the International Fur Federation (IFF), in close collaboration with four international fur auction houses: American Legend Cooperative, Finnish Fur Sales/SAGA Furs, Kopenhagen Fur and North American Fur Auctions.

  • American Legend Cooperative
  • Finnish Fur Sales/ SAGA Furs
  • Kopenhagen Fur
  • North American Fur Aucions.

New article!

We have made new article for you- Snowmans. Let's enjoy winter together!
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