We are custom-made house Révay Fur & Leather. We are making fur and leather coats, jackets and garments.

We are family company established in 1988.We are member of association of Furriers of Slovakia ( with more than 28 years tradition.

For the customer needs we provide whatever fur and leather materials he needs. We use top quality furs such as SAGA,NAFA, BLACKGLAMA, SWAKARA, AMERICAN LEGEND.

We use OA labelled furs only. The new Origin Assured (OA) label allows consumers to buy fur with confidence. The OA label provides assurance that the fur in your garment comes from a country where national or local regulations or standards governing fur production are in force. Developed by the International Fur Trade Federation (IFTF), the OA label confirms our commitment to openness and honesty with consumers about responsible industry practices.

The OA label was developed by IFTF with cooperation of four major fur houses:

-American Legend Cooperative
-Finnish Fur Sales/ SAGA Furs
-Kopenhagen Fur
-North American Fur Aucions.

The OA label means that fur´s origin is 100% assured and reflects the fur trade´s commitment to transparency and good welfare practices.


Our vision is to comfort even the most challenging orders of customers, with the modern patterns and materials of the highest quality. All of our pieces are originals made for you!




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